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PPC Management

We all know traffic is a huge factor in making money online. Display advertising has proven to increase traffic to your website by 300%.

Paid Search Management

If you are not running an optimized PPC campaign, then you are giving up that space for your competitors. Pay-Per-Click is just that, a service that lets you pay for each click your ad receives. Setting up and correctly optimizing your PPC campaign, is the difference between making money and throwing it away. Bring proper users to your site and minimize fruitless traffic. Our team makes sure each of your PPC campaigns is optimized to insure positive ROI.

PPC Audits

Let our experienced PPC campaign managers show you ways to improve existing campaigns, and, lay out the correct steps needed to create new ones. Let us take a deep dive approach, in order for you to get the most out of your PPC budget. We not only look into your business, but also factor in your competition in order to get a well-rounded view of how to properly increase your ROI.

Benefits of Detailed PPC Audit

  • Allows you to understand ways to improve your cost per lead and maximize your ROI
  • Get a thorough understanding of where your account can be improved
  • Compare other accounts with the same level of spend in your vertical
  • See what areas you are wasting spend and the steps to correct this moving forward

Landing Page Creation

We are all hit with time consuming forms to fill out almost everywhere we turn these days online. Let us make sure that your businesses landing pages not only are simple and informative, but creative and create a call to action so you can collect the information you need from the consumer. Before you create a landing page it is very valuable to know what ad copy it will be connected to, that is where our development team will work with you to get the look and design needed to stand out above the rest.

Key’s to developing great landing pages

  • Always include a strategically positioned logo so the viewer knows exactly where they are
  • Get to the point quickly when writing page copy people have short attention spans
  • Avoid visual clutter. Make sure your visuals are supporting and enhancing the page
  • Format the page so it is easily digestible by clearly laying out your headlines, images & copy

PPC Management services Include:

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Help with Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Ad Submission
  • PPC Monitoring
  • PPC Cost Management
  • Campaign Improvement Modification

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the data that holds the most value for your business. We don’t just hand off reports with a bunch of numbers and statistics. We help you understand the best way to move forward with the data we’ve collected.

Why is performance tracking and reporting crucial to local seo?

  • Understand your customers by analyzing their patterns and movement across your site
  • Track which social media platforms are bringing you the most traffic
  • Understand your keywords by seeing which phrases are leading users to you
  • See which pages are helping customers and which are not

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