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Social Media Management

74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. (CeBIT)
78% of respondents said that companies' social media posts impact their purchases. (Forbes).

We can’t stress this enough… Take advantage of social media, or miss out on one of the largest marketing tactics in use today! You’ve seen how powerful social media has become in day-to-day life. Facebook, Twitter, hashtags, blogs, and even YouTube have quickly become a global industry for delivering interactive content to a massive audience, in a fun format. Learn how to become effectively involved in conversations surrounding your industry and contribute memorable content on a regular basis. Properly taking advantage of these platforms is the key to exposure.

Optimized profile creation

Is your business missing social profiles? Need help optimizing your existing social channels? Let us help with the initial setup or optimization of all the necessary social media platforms your company should be taking advantage of. Our design team can help you create a great look and feel that you can be proud of across all of your social platforms.

Optimized social profiles include

  • Proper image dimensions for your profiles and posts
  • Integrated social profiles with your other marketing channels such as blog, email and landing pages
  • Keep the look and feel of your pages similar across all your platforms in order to build brand identification
  • Use keyword rich copy and tags across your platforms in order to attract the proper consumers

Customized social media strategy consultation

Not sure what direction to take when it comes to your social media strategy? We don’t blame you; social media can be a full time job that is constantly evolving. Let our team of experts show you the correct path in order to make the most out of your social media marketing. Our fully customized consultation will help educate you and your team on making the most out of your time spent on social media.

Steps to creating a successful social media strategy

  • We learn how your audience uses social media, and plan your strategy accordingly
  • Figure out what the point is: Loyalty, Awareness, or Sales?
  • Humanizing your brand because it’s about people, not just a logo
  • Pick the proper metrics in order to measure your success

Social media management

Updating your businesses social media profiles with sticky content can be a challenge. Our team will make sure that you have the tools necessary to frequently update your profiles, or, we can take the reins and handle this for you. We understand that this can be overlooked and many business owners will not have the time to constantly be providing sharable and informative information for their customers. Our team has the expertise necessary to help you stand out from the rest.

Keys to success

  • Always post fresh up-to-date content related to your industry
  • Create your own images and videos to provide something truly unique to your brand
  • Keep your community engaged with polls, questions and contests

Reputation management

Let’s face it you cannot control every consumer’s opinion they may have about your business. You can, however, make sure to highlight the shining reviews and leave the negative inaccurate ones for us to handle. How do consumers see you online? Do consumers see you in the way you would like them too online? When consumers search for your business, are they finding the right information? Your businesses reputation online is one of the most important things your business has over the competition. We make sure that only the correct information is being found.

Benefits of reputation management

  • Eliminate negative sentiment from search engine results
  • Increase brand image and trust
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty

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